Who does not knows the dolomites, misses them

Speciality each day! Werner Giraldi, Tourism & Media Expert - Enthusiastic Mountainguide - Spring '73


The impressive mountains of the Dolomites are spread across the regions of Trentino-Alto Adige e il Veneto. The Marmolada is, with its 3.342 m, the highest peak of the Dolomites. Another extraordinary mountain range are the “3 pinnacles of Laveredo in the Dolomites of Sesto. The mysterious landscape of the Dolomites is characterised of wide, peaceful pastures with rough reefs of limestone in higher altitudes. The mountain peaks reach an average height of 3.000 to 3.200 m, and often end in flat platforms. The only, still existing glacier is the Marmoladaglacier.

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Hiking Dolomites

Located in South Tyrol, Italy, the Dolomites may well be the world’s most under appreciated mountain range. Pinkish and white limestone reach a height of about 10,000 feet, through which rolls a variety of walking and hiking trails. These trails provide the inside look at an aesthetic backdrop that is nothing short of perception altering. When hiking Dolomites you will notice several hotels along the way that provide the amenities of a basic lodging and a rest stop for those hiking in the Dolomites.

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